Dry Skin 101

We've covered everything from the cause of your dry skin to the best regimen you could possibly follow

Dry Skin 101

Think you have to spend the rest of your life trying to hide ashy elbows and avoiding powder or foundation (because your face is so dry that it flakes right off)? As someone who suffers from dry skin myself, I definitely know how hard it can be. Once the weather starts to get cold and dry, my skin totally freaks out and dries out so easily.

Even though you can’t permanently heal dry skin, that doesn’t mean you and I need to be miserable. Sure, we may need to give up a few things (like indulging in a long, hot bath, booooo). But dry skin is definitely treatable, and it’s actually really easy to get relief.

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Besides the obvious fixes — exfoliating dead skin cells, using more lotion, yada, yada, yada — I talked to a few skin care experts to get some totally helpful and easy ways to really kick your dry skin in the, well, general-dry-skin-area. Our panel of experts includes Shalea Walker, esthetician and founder of Walker’s Apothecary, Dr. Mitch Chasin, medical director of the Reflections Center in New Jersey, Dr. Gary Breslow, owner of a medical spa that treats skin issues, and Nancy Glass, a Clinique skincare expert.

With their help, I put together an extensive guide for anyone who suffers from dry skin. It includes everything from how to pinpoint the cause, to how to fix it, and what NOT to do. It even includes the best products for dry skin, in case you were curious. Just admit it — you were so looking for a guide like this. So click here to check out our guide to dry skin care (you can thank me later).