Runway Tricks You Should Steal

These 18 amazing hair, makeup and nail tips can make you look like a Fashion Week model -- uh, minus the towering height and perma-pout

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The easiest way to apply false eyelashes

Seen at: Wildfox Couture

How to do it: False lashes can be intimidating, but Urban Decay makeup artist Robin shares some tips to make the process a little easier (this false eyelash guide will help too):

• The easiest way to do it is to apply them while tilting your chin up and looking down into the mirror. It will help you see the lash line.

• Aim to apply the lashes to the base of your natural lashes, not your actual eyelid.

• And don’t ever apply a full strip at once. Cut it into quarters and apply each separately. That way you won’t have to battle with funky ends sticking out, just be sure to apply them in the right order.