Runway Tricks You Should Steal

These 18 amazing hair, makeup and nail tips can make you look like a Fashion Week model -- uh, minus the towering height and perma-pout

fashion week jenni kane and ruffian

Nail polish recipes

Seen at: Jenni Kane and Ruffian

How to do it: Now that you’ve got your supplies to mix polish, CND artists Angi and Roxanne share a couple combos they created:

For Jenni Kane, a silky, blush taupe shade (all CND shades):

• 1 coat Desert Suede

• 1 coat Copper Shimmer

• 1 coat Rose Water

• Finish with Super Matte Topcoat

For Ruffian, an iris lavender shade:

• 1 thin coat Asphalt

• 1 coat Ice Blue Shimmer

• 1 coat Lavender Pearl