Undercover Makeovers: Part 1

The mission: Five women go undercover to a department store, fan out, and each ask for a makeover for a made up event (date, party, whatever) at a different makeup counter. They would record their experiences, and of course, take before and after pictures.

The goal: To find out which makeup counter offers you the best experience: a quality makeup application, friendly staff, and low-sales pressure. And of course, which offer the worst: staff that flat-out ignores you or try to sweet talk you into buying an entire makeup bag’s worth of makeup.

Click here to see the undercover makeovers: makeup counter edition.

The results: Well, obviously you have to keep reading to find out, were not giving it all away here. But here’s a little sneak peak: we found the counters where you’ve got zero pressure to buy, and the ones you should steer clear of unless you’re desperate. Plus, plenty of tips to get the most out of your experience — and the cheapest products you can buy without incurring a major guilt trip.

Why you should care: Because department store makeup counters can be a great (read: cheap and quick) way to get your makeup done before a party or event — if you know what you’re doing. And after you finish reading this, you’ll be a makeup counter makeover pro.

Up next: more undercover makeovers. If you’ve got a place you want us to check out, make sure to tell us in the comments.

Click here to see the undercover makeovers: makeup counter edition.