Undercover Makeovers: Part 1

Chelsea After

Overall vibe/experience: The overall vibe was calm and collected. However, I had to go up and ask them to help me instead of them offering to help. The first woman I spoke with seemed nervous about giving me a makeover but the woman who actually worked with me seemed genuinely happy to give me a makeover.

We talked about taking care of my skin first and then worrying about the makeup. She also told me to always use a foundation brush to apply my foundation for even coverage. We discussed family and where we were from as well as where we are going in the future. The conversation never felt forced.

Products used: During my makeover they first started with eye makeup remover. Then they used facial lotion and a matching toner. After, she began working with the Double Wear Light Foundation to even out my skin tone. Then she began working on my eyes. She used a black eyeliner pencil to go along the lash line on my eyes. Then she used the Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow Kit to first place gold on my overall eye, then a copper color to fill in the crease. Along the eyeliner she used the olive color to bring out my green eyes and finished with a lengthening mascara. Once my eyes were done she went in with Bronze Goddess Bronzer and finished me off with a Bronze Goddess Blush.

Sales pressure: At the end there was a lot of pressure to buy the products. She placed all the items that we used during the makeover on the counter and when I selected the set that I would purchase she kept trying to push other items to “go with” the set.

Would she go back? I would go back to this counter just because I liked the products used but I would recommend only going if you are comfortable with the sales pressure. That said; I really enjoyed the final look. I asked for something simple that I can use in the summer and she taught me all the techniques necessary. I will definitely use this look again.