Undercover Makeovers: Part 1

Kelley After

Overall vibe/experience: The overall vibe of my counter was very neat and nice. The makeup artist was very friendly and happy to give me a makeover. She first asked the reason why I was getting my makeup done and we talked about using the products and a friend we had in common. She then told me how she got into the makeup business after she graduated from college and upcoming makeup events.

Products used: She first used a cleanser on my face and then put on two different types of concealer, one for my face and one for under my eyes. Then she used a primer for my eyes. Then she put on my eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Then filled in my eyebrows and from there she put on lipstick, bronzer and blush. She used a total of 11 products on me.

Sales pressure: I felt a little pressure to buy products because before we started she asked what I was looking for. Then at the end I told her I wanted to buy one product and she somewhat pushed for me to buy two.

Would she go back? I would go back to this counter. I was very happy with the outcome and had a really nice time at this makeup counter. I really liked my finished look. She did some things I would not have done but I liked what she did and plan on trying to mimic it again someday.