Undercover Makeovers: Part 1

Samantha After

Overall vibe/experience: The overall vibe was mellow and friendly, with absolutely no sense of being rushed. It set the tone for a very relaxing atmosphere, even though it was a Saturday afternoon at the mall. My makeup artist was very calm and precise. She asked me a few questions of what I liked and didn’t like, as well as the party I was attending and what I would be wearing. She appeared to be excited to do the look but I think a little reluctant about my freckles (she kept asking if I wanted to cover them up).

Throughout the whole session she was very good at explaining what products she was using and how to apply them. She gave me tips on how to make the look lighter or darker. She even demonstrated how the eyeshadows looked when you add water to them. Most of her tips were common ones but she made a very good point of explaining them.

Products used: During my makeover she used about 14 products on me. A makeup remover and cleanser, moisturizer, a sheer foundation and concealer, a five-piece eyeshadow pallet, brow pencil, a lash primer and lengthening mascara, a light coral lip liner and a matching lipstick, bronzer and blush.

Sales pressure: When I first walked to the counter to ask to get my makeover, she immediately said there was a two-product minimum. I was a little shocked by this abruptness, but at the same time is was nice that she informed about the procedure before I fully committed. After she did my makeover she did not push any type of product on to me so there was no pressure in terms of that.

Would she go back? I think that I would go back to this counter, just not to this particular makeup artist. I really enjoy the products, but I am not entirely sure the artist did that greatest job on me. My biggest problem was that the moisturizer and the sheer foundation did not mix well. Around my chin, once I got home I noticed it was peeling off. This alone could possibly not make me want to come back.

I enjoyed my final look, but would only recreate the eyes. I did not like my lips because of the use of lip liner and lipstick; it was just too old for me. I think that I needed some type of gloss and a little more highlighting on my cheeks and brow bones.