Celebs Without Makeup

Normally when you see celebrities they’ve got on a full face of makeup, even when they’re in line at Starbucks or fresh from the gym. The reason is simple: they get their photo taken, uh, a lot, and they want to look their best.

But every now and then we get to see a glimpse of celebs without makeup, and it’s awesome. Basically just a nice reminder that even though they have millions of dollars and adoring fans, they also have uneven skin tone and the occasional zits and wrinkles. Just. Like. Us.

Click here to see stars without makeup.

With no makeup (or very minimal makeup), celebrities certainly aren’t those plastic/airbrushed looking creatures we see walking the red carpet. Granted, a lot of them still have skin so clear we can see our own zit-filled faces in them, but others have a host of issues that make us sigh with relief.

Curious which celebs we spotted without makeup? Here’s a sneak peek: Katie Holmes, Kristen Stewart, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Winslet, Madonna, Jessica Alba, Courtney Cox and more.

OK, OK, I won’t make you wait anymore, you can click here to see celebrities with no makeup. Just try to contain your excitement. It’s hard, I know, but try.