Gross Beauty Tips from the Past

Think mayo in your hair is gross? We've got that beat. Check out these disgusting beauty tips from history.

fish pedicures

Fish pedicures

OK, I know this beauty treatment isn’t from ancient times, but I couldn’t help but add it to our gross beauty tip list. It’s called fish pedicures. Imagine sticking your feet into a pool of water, while small fish (Garra rufa) feed on your dead skin cells for about 30 minutes. Salon owners in China, Japan, and Europe started this craze, and it wasn’t long before this fishy beauty treatment was imported to the U.S. However, you might have a hard time finding a salon that will offer this service, since several U.S. states have banned fish pedicures. The reason? They’re considered unsanitary since the fish feed on many different feet. I’ll take the traditional pedicure, please.