Gross Beauty Tips from the Past

Think mayo in your hair is gross? We've got that beat. Check out these disgusting beauty tips from history.

Queen Elizabeth's Red Hair

Royal red hair

People have always gone gaga over royal style. Just think about Kate Middleton’s blue Issa engagement dress that sold out mere hours after she was photographed wearing it. But buying a dress is one thing, risking your life for the perfect shade of red is another. Queen Elizabeth, who reigned from 1559 to 1603, was known for many things, one of which was her ginger hair. Since her subjects couldn’t run out to the store and buy boxed color, they resorted to their own special blend of hair (and wig) dye: lead, quicklime, sulfur, and water. And while they might have gotten some red hair out of the deal, the brew also caused nausea, headaches, and regular nosebleeds. So not worth it, if you ask me.