Teen Choice Awards: Fave Looks

Missed the 2011 Teen Choice Awards? No worries. Here are the prettiest makeup and hairstyles -- and how to get 'em.

ashley green teen choice awards hairstyle

Ashley Greene’s hair

Who else thinks Ashley Greene is the definition of “sexy?” She always looks so polished, and I love how perfectly sleek and straight her hair looks here. Also, I just have to mention how gorgeous her makeup is — that berry lipstick totally brings out her eyes and looks great against her dark hair. But anyway, back to the hair …

Here’s how to get a similar hairstyle:
1. Start by apply a generous amount of smoothing cream to damp hair. Make sure you coat your hair from root to tip, and comb it through to distribute the product well.

2. Blow dry your hair straight using a paddle brush. Once your hair is completely dry, run a flat iron over the bottom half of your hair to get it extra straight. See how to straighten your hair like a pro here.

3. Finish by running a few drops of shine serum over your hair to tame any flyaways.