10 Surprising Products with SPF

Nail polish. Lip balm. Tanning lotion. What do these have in common? For one, they’re all items you can find in my bathroom. But (surprise!) they actually have something else in common too. Three letters, to be exact: S.P.F.

What did this little exercise prove? Basically that you can find almost any product with SPF in it if you look carefully enough. Which is great news, because when it comes to sun protection, we’re always looking for better options than slathering on greasy sunscreen, right?

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That’s how I discovered these 10 beauty products that come with an SPF option. I had my doubts (come on — nail polish as a sunscreen?), so I decided to talk to a range of experts, from makeup artists to dermatologists, to get their opinion on the coverage these products give throughout the day.

Turns out some of these products offer real protection — and others only use SPF as a selling point. Now, you can find out which beauty products are living up to their claims, and which are totally unnecessary, with this list of unusual products with SPF.