Get a Perfect Facebook Photo

With these beauty tips and photo advice, you'll never untag yourself in a Facebook picture again

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Give off the right vibe

To look mysterious: Focus your eyes on the camera and try a small smirk, says photographer Angelo Kritikos. Everyone will wonder what you’re thinking. You can also try mouthing the word “you” — it rounds your lips and raises your cheekbones for extra sultry-ness.

To look professional: Try putting your hand in your pants pocket or coat pocket for a slightly relaxed, yet still professional look, Kritikos says. Getty photographer Bryan Bedder says to watch your posture and keep your shoulders back — and of course, dress professionally.

To look like you’re having fun: Bedder suggests taking a lot of photos to see what poses work best for you. You could try a full body shot, an over-the-shoulder pose, and even try using props or playing with your surroundings. To really look like you’re having a blast, get your photographer to make you laugh — you’ll get a way more natural shot than a faux-cheesy grin.