Get a Perfect Facebook Photo

With these beauty tips and photo advice, you'll never untag yourself in a Facebook picture again

how to take a picture lighting

Find the best lighting

You might be tempted to leave this up to your photographer, but it doesn’t hurt to scope out the best light. After all, great lighting can make you (and your photo) look even more amazing, as you can see in this example.

To soften strong features: If you have distinctive facial features that you want to slim down (like a big nose or strong jaw), “use flat and direct lighting,” says Kritikos. “Having the light hit your face straight on will create fewer shadows and help balance out your facial features.”

To define softer features: If you have soft facial features you’d like to accentuate (like your cheekbones or a round face), “use the dramatic lighting approach, which involves angling the light more towards one side of the face,” he says. “This will add depth to your face, and create an illusion that makes delicate features pop.”