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Don’t skip this makeup item

Using blush or bronzer can add gorgeous color to your face, which makes it crucial for great photos. This might sound obvious, but Hamlin says, “if you apply your blush and can’t [clearly] see the color in the mirror, then you’re not wearing enough.” So you’ll want to use more than you normally would. It might look over-the-top in person, but it will keep you from looking washed out on camera — see?

Just like with your foundation, make sure to dust the bronzer on your neck and chest area to match your face (try Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Bronzer, $13.95). If you decide to use blush instead, here’s a must-read tip: your blush and lip color should be in the same color family for the most natural look. For example, pair pink blush with pink-hued lips.