Top Emmy Hair and Makeup Looks

We stalked the red carpet to see which celebs brought the glam this year

heather morris 2011 emmy awards

Heather Morris’ Mile High Hair

If you were looking for the perfect mix of elegance and edge, this is it. Heather Morris’ hairstyle totally stole the show on the red carpet. Here’s how celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton created her look:

1. Start with day-old hair for this look, since it’ll give you more texture. Apply a generous amount of volumizing mousse to the roots of your hair and rub it in well (try NeXXus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam Styler, $11.99).

2. Section off the top of your hair, parting it horizontally from ear to ear. Use a teasing comb to backcomb it, and then push it up toward your forehead for extra height.

3. Divide the remaining bottom half of your hair into three sections. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth the two outer sections as if you were putting them up into a ponytail. Twist both sections inward and tuck it under your head. Secure them with bobby pins.

4. Now take the center section, roll it under to create a voluminous bun. Pin the ends down with bobby pins.

5. Mist your updo with strong-hold hairspray to keep it in place.