What Your Makeup Says About You

Bold red lips, pastel eyeshadow, bronzed skin ... Your makeup reveals a lot about your personality. Find out what your look says about you

lauren conrad cat eye makeup

If you wear: Cat eye makeup

This classic look isn’t for everyone, so if you can pull it off, it means you’re “expressive and confident in your inner beauty,” says makeup artist Marissa Nemes. And as everyone knows, confidence is super sexy — so it’s no surprise that your calendar is chock full of dates.

You’re also a great friend. Wearing a cat eye also shows that you believe “small details have a big impact,” says Flor. So, you never forget your BFF’s birthday, fave ice cream flavor, or shoe size. It may sound small, but those little details tell people just how much you appreciate them.

We know you’re already a pro at the cat eye, but if you ever want to brush up on your skills, check out this cat eye tutorial for more tips.