10 Tips I Learned at Makeup School

As a kid, I had multiple things on my list of “Things I Want to Be When I Grow Up.” (Good thing my “clown” phase only lasted for a day.) But even after I grew out of most of them, there was one that I still wanted to do: be a makeup artist.

It all started with my color obsession in elementary school. I would mix and match each crayon with a complimentary color, and only use them together. Once I started wearing makeup, I discovered something way more fun than coloring on paper — I could color on my face. After a few tries (hilarity ensued), I realized makeup skills aren’t something you’re just born with. I actually needed to learn how to do makeup.

So imagine my excitement when I got the chance to go to makeup school for an entire day. I arrived at the Make Up For Ever studio in Hollywood, Calif. an hour early, with my entire collection of makeup brushes in hand.

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Best eight hours of my life. The instructor walked me through a ton of tips I had never heard before. I found out exactly where to dust bronzer to make my cheekbones pop, and which product I shouldn’t waste my money on. She even covered a few tricks the pros use when they’re doing celebrity makeup.

By the end of the lesson, I was even more hooked that when we started. So I tracked down other makeup school instructors and hounded them for their secrets. Click here to check out all of the beauty tips I dug up. Then, watch this exclusive video I took at makeup school to learn how to apply false lashes the right way.