10 Tips I Learned at Makeup School

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Tip No. 1: Think of your cheeks as a bra

The first thing I learned at makeup school? Faking model-worthy cheekbones is a lot easier than it looks. “Just think of your cheeks as a bra,” says Make Up For Ever instructor Lijha Stewart. “Your cheekbone is the breast. Above that is the cleavage, and below that is the underwire.” You just have to apply the right product on each of these areas to draw attention to the right places.

Start by using your fingers to feel around for your cheekbone. (You won’t get accurate placement if you make a “fish face,” because everyone’s face is different, and your bone isn’t always where you think it is, says Stewart.) Then apply the following three products:

1. A matte bronzer right beneath your cheekbone. This acts as the underwire. It absorbs light and creates a shadow to “support” your main cheekbone.

2. A rosy blush directly onto the cheekbone to make it pop. Start the color from the center of your cheek, and sweep it outward, says Stewart.

3. A sparkly highlighter above the cheekbone, where the “cleavage” of your cheek is. This will reflect the light and highlight your bone structure.