Best Jeans Under $100

My best friend and I are total opposites when it comes to shopping. She can easily drop $300 on a pair of jeans, but she’ll only shop the sale section when it comes to shoes. Me? I’m more than happy to splurge on shoes, accessories, and manicures, but I’d rather die than spend more than $50 on jeans.

Of course, my best friend always tries to convince me that every penny she spends on designer jeans is worth it. In her words, it’s all about “quality over quantity.” But I just can’t justify blowing an entire paycheck on a single pair of pants — especially when I know it’s possible to find great jeans that won’t cut into my monthly mani budget.

My bestie wasn’t convinced, so I set out to prove it to her. It took some digging, but thanks to my bargain-hunting skills, I was able to find 20 different pairs of jeans that all had great reviews — I’m talking no loose seams or leaked dye — and still cost less than $100. I even found a few pairs of colored denim for under $50.

Whether you’re devoted to shoes (instead of jeans) like me or you’re just trying cut down on your shopping budget, don’t buy your next pair of jeans without reading this first.

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