Hottest Printed Shorts for Summer

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sweating it out in too-tight jeans on a boiling-hot day in the summer. Never cute. It’s officially time to swap out your skinnies for a pair of much cooler shorts.

And while the idea of shorts may bring to mind traumatizing memories of those oversized khaki capris you were forced to wear at summer camp or the time you tried to DIY your own pair of jorts, stay with us here. Shorts have gotten a lot chicer over the years, and there’s so much more to choose from than just plain old khaki or denim.

Printed shorts in bright, loud patterns are becoming one of the biggest summer fashion trends. And while you may not think of shorts as being a statement piece, these new patterned shorts are so bold you don’t need much accessorizing; just pair ’em with a white t-shirt, sandals, and you’re done.

We’ve rounded up the prettiest patterned shorts for the season. Think polka dots, stars floral…you get the idea. Keep clicking to see them all.