Want it, Need it: Clutches

Last weekend was a wake up call. I was running late to meet my friends, and in my rush to get out the door I accidentally knocked my huge purse off the table. Oops.

I expected one loud thud, but instead got several seconds of items spilling onto the floor. I’m talking wallet, two lipglosses, two Chapsticks, various coins (sadly, mostly pennies), a bottle of water, a mascara I thought I’d lost, tea bags, floss, gum, and three pens. That’s when I realized: 1. My purse had become a black hole. And 2. It’s time to invest in a cute clutch.

As an avid purse-carrier, I used to think clutches only made sense for fancier occasions, i.e., anything that calls for a cocktail dress and heels. But now I’m seeing so many casual clutches in addition to the dressy ones (thanks, Internet shopping addiction) and I realize they’re a great everyday alternative to jumbo-sized purses. They’re lighter, compact, and far more organized, since they’re made only for the essentials. Plus, they’re an easy way to add a pop of color or glitz to any outfit.

Thinking I’m not alone in my jumbo-purse problem, I rounded up an array of clutches that are great for everything: a night out, a laid-back brunch, or a quick outing that doesn’t require everything and the kitchen sink.

Give your heavy tote a break and grab one of these cute clutches now. Your shoulders will thank you.