Quirkster Chic: 15 Coolest Novelty Accessories

Remember when a new toy was the ultimate prize for just about everything? Getting a good grade, finishing an art project, making it to age 6, going to bed early on the 24th of December … the list goes on and on. Now, that fun reward is probably a new pair of shoes, or that designer bag you’ve been eyeing since last semester. But just because we pick out our own clothes, drink coffee instead juice boxes, and are more likely to use lip crayons than Crayolas, doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate some good old fashioned fun. So why not combine the playfulness of toys with the functionality of accessories?

Plenty of our favorite brands have already asked that very question and delivered on the idea in the form of novelty accessories. Among the glamorous necklaces and flowery hair flair, we searched the Internet to find cute little collectibles and gadgets that that also function as quirky accessories. Instead of the usual bracelet or clutch, these novelty accessories amp up the fun factor and mix in a bit of nostalgia, too.

Now, these quirky picks may not compete with the chicness of your designer heels or the pricey graduation gift your mom sent your way, but they do offer a healthy serving of amusement and uniqueness. And at the end of the day, fashion should be fun. Ready to stop taking yourself so seriously? Click ahead to see the novelty accessories that made us smile!