Best Jeans Under $100

If you think you can't afford nice jeans, think again. We found 22 pairs of high-end jeans you can easily afford, without waiting for a sale

best cheap leggings

Best denim leggings under $100

Low quality leggings can make it look like you just rolled out of bed — and not in that effortless, sexy way. Not to mention, if they’re too tight, they can also show off your, er, private assets more than you’d like. But not to worry; with these cheap, classy, and comfortable jeggings, we’ve got you covered.

Left: The A&F Jegging, $46.40

One woman says these denim leggings are so “super soft and comfortable” she has three pairs. “They recently made a new line of them,” says another reviewer who “highly recommends” these jeggings.

Right: American Eagle Jegging, $29.50

One shopper was worried about the material of these denim leggings, but she was happy to see that they “fit in the right places and have some give for the thighs to breathe.” One woman says she “couldn’t ask for a better fit,” and another shopper calls them “perfect if you want the look of jeans and to still be comfortable.” And if you’re on the petite side, you definitely want to snatch these up; One petite shopper says she “filled her drawer” with these because they fit so well.