Best Jeans Under $100

If you think you can't afford nice jeans, think again. We found 22 pairs of high-end jeans you can easily afford, without waiting for a sale

best cheap colored denim

Best colored denim under $100

Colored denim is hot right now, but as with most trends, it probably won’t last forever. So don’t blow a ton of cash on a “here today, gone tomorrow” trend. With these, you don’t have to:

Left: Nordstrom Fire Skinny Stretch Denim Jeans, $42

One shopper was on the hunt for a pair of royal blue pants when she found this “great pair” at Nordstrom. Another woman says she also bought the royal blue denim and raves that “they fit wonderfully” and “are the perfect length.” The best part? They look amazing with any shoe, including flats, heels, and boots.

Right: American Eagle Skinny Jean, $34.50

This pair of colored skinny jeans comes in a few different shades, One shopper has them in yellow, but loves them so much that she plans on buying all three colors online. Another woman says, “The colors are amazing. It looks a bit less bright in person, but it’s a nice change from the neon colored jeggings.” She warns, “They’re not actually jeggings so they don’t stretch as much, but they’re so comfy, cute, and versatile.” Sounds like a good trade-off to me.