Best Prom Dress for Your Body Type

We know what dress will flatter your figure. All you have to do is follow these rules ... provided by the pros, of course

prom dresses for petite body types

Prom Dresses for Petite Body Types

The number one piece of advice all our fashion stylists gave us about petite body types? Show off your tiny shape — don’t hide it! Wolford says, “Long, billowy gowns will make you look like you’re drowning and overwhelm your small frame. Keep it short, sweet, and feminine.” Rygorsky agrees, “Petite girls can get lost in fussy floor-length gowns.” Bottom line: Aim for a short dress without a bunch of fabric.

And if you don’t want a dress with such a short hemline, you do have another option. According to Cox, “Another great length for petite girls is a gown just past the knee. Something with a vintage feel, that’s easy to dance in.” and other second-hand stores are great places to score a tea-length gown.

Our prom dress picks for you:

TFNC Dress in Scalloped Sequins, $98.48: This dress is right on trend — a short-length, but with long sleeves. Plus, the clingy scalloped pattern helps reveal your small figure and is definitely sexy.

Way-In Fleurette Trim Strapless Tulle Dress, $98: One of the hottest spring trends is neon. (Check out this neon gallery to see more ways to wear it.) This dress is the perfect combination of a classic prom dress shape with a fun, updated punch of color.