Inverted Bob Hairstyles

“Inverted Bob” sounds like a medical condition, but it’s actually just a fancy name for a short hairstyle that’s longer in the front and shorter in the back. If you’re contemplating taking shears to your head of hair, check out these inverted bob hairstyles.

Victoria Beckham has rocked the inverted bob hairstyle for an almost unheard of amount of time for a celebrity. It works so well for her that the style has been nicknamed “The Posh” after her. Paris Hilton, Kelli Pickler, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Cameron Diaz have all tried inverted bob hairstyles at some point in their career, as have most celebrities.

To copy the inverted bob hairstyles of those lovely ladies, you need to analyze your face shape. If you have a round face or square jaw, your bob should end below your chin to elongate and soften your face. If your jaw is square or you’re subconscious about your forehead (fivehead, anyone?), try adding bangs with an inverted bob hairstyle to balance out those features. For the lowdown on face shapes and haircuts, read Haircuts for Your Face Shape.

When considering inverted bob hairstyles, you also need to take your hair texture and fullness into consideration. If you’ve got fine, thin hair like Carey Mulligan, for example, a blunt cut will make it look thicker. Curly, thick hair like First Lady Michelle Obama’s needs to be broken up with layers to avoid looking like a triangle. Do your research on inverted bob hairstyles before you take a pair of scissors to your hair.