Craziest Earth Day Products Ever

I’m a big fan of Mother Earth. I reuse packaging, clothing, and furniture, drive my car as little as possible, and never leave home without a canvas tote. I’m totally willing to do my part to keep this planet healthy. But, I draw the line when it comes to certain eco-friendly products. (Solar power bikini? Uh, no.)

There are just some products and inventions that cross the line from eco-friendly to eco-crazy. I’m talking dog fur sweaters, newspaper umbrellas, and even a pollution-monitoring dress. I don’t doubt that these inventors were sincere in their love for the planet, but do we really need to shave our cats just for an eco-friendly vest?

Click here for the most insane eco-friendly products ever.

Thankfully, in addition to finding the craziest eco-friendly products around, I also found equally amazing (and earth day friendly) alternate options. Let’s call them options for the sane earth lover.

After you check these items out, tell me: Have you ever bought something made from organic cotton? Do you care if the items you buy are eco-friendly? Leave your answer in the comment box below.

Click here for the most insane eco-friendly products.