Cute Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Want to Wear

Non-dreadful bridesmaid dresses? We promise, they do exist. Here are our picks for the best bridesmaid dresses that you'll actually want to wear -- even after the wedding is over

Pretty Lace

A lace dress in a pretty pink color is soft and romantic. “Lace for a bridesmaid is not considered traditional, but it definitely gives off a formal feel. It’s unbelievably elegant and a beautiful way to add visual interest to the dress without going over the top,” says Sanders. If you need even more proof of lace’s beauty, just consider Kate Middleton. Not only did she wow in her famous lace-embellished wedding dress, but in a ton of cocktail dresses since then. And if Kate’s wearing lace, you know it’s a trend worth copying. Plus, the sleeves on this dress are great for girls who are self-conscious about their arms.

Get it: Candy Pink Lace Dress, $124.28