Hot Trend: Menswear-Inspired Fashion

I recently went to a friend’s wedding, and as I scanned the reception dance floor I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy when I saw all the guys dressed in slacks, loafers, and button-down shirts. They had to be more comfy than I was in my fitted cocktail dress and platform wedges. Don’t get me wrong — I love my dresses, skirts, and heels, but sometimes it’s nice to trade in the frills for something more relaxed … something menswear-inspired.

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Luckily, menswear style is a huge fall fashion trend, and so now is a perfect time to take a break from the girly-girl dresses and try out the tailored, polished menswear fashion trend. I caught up with fashion expert Stephanie Rygorsky and celebrity stylist Keylee Sanders, and they gave me some fantastic guy advice (fashion related, of course).

So how do you pull off key menswear fashion trends like bowties, suspenders, and loafers without looking like your grandpa? “You want to make sure your outfit is menswear-inspired and not actual menswear,” says Sanders. “It’s all about mixing with feminine pieces.”

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