Feel the Love Fashion

Look, we get it. Valentine’s Day is one of those commercial, “Hallmark-created holidays.” Yadda, yadda, yadda. But even if it is one great marketing ploy, who says we can’t revel in all the awesome Valentine’s Day stuff out there? It’s a perfect excuse to load up on conversation hearts and buy yourself a giant box of chocolates. Hey, it’s 2013. A girl doesn’t have to wait around for Ryan Gosling’s doppelganger to show up at her door with a big box of candy.

And while we’re partial to chocolate, here at Beauty Riot our favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is all the heart-shaped fashion. Sure, it’s a year-round trend, but February 14th is the perfect excuse to go full force and break out all your favorite love-themed outfits.

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These Valentine’s Day-themed fashion and accessories make us feel the love. And don’t worry … this isn’t a roundup of fancy-schamncy red dresses and hot date-night outfits. We’ve got something for everybody … whether you plan on a romantic night with your Significant Other, toasting champagne with girlfriends, or catching up on some “Girls” episodes in your DVR.

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