Global Style: Our Ultimate Fashion Map

It's no secret that style is a global phenomenon, so we've created a fashion map to show you the hottest trends all over the world


College student, freelance writer, and fashion blogger Tarandip Kaur devotes her blog, Fashstash to drawing attention to the colorful and eclectic street style in her hometown of Singapore. We especially love her super helpful product reviews and darling daily outfit posts.

Hottest fashion trends right now:

Sequins are everywhere … and not just during nighttime. You can wear a sequined sweater, blouse, or even shoes during the day.

Popular places to shop:

The entire Orchard Road area. It’s the most popular shopping scene in Singapore, and you can find both affordable and high-end luxury labels.

One beauty product I won’t leave home without:

I never leave home without my sunglasses.

Hottest nail polish color right now:

Before it was pastels, but right now we’re more into the darker gray shades.

If you have one day in my city, don’t miss:

You’ll find plenty of good cafes, bars, shops, and art galleries on the famous Club Street. You can explore for hours.

City’s signature yummy food/drink:

Chicken Rice is a delicious comfort food dish, and Iced Bandung is a signature drink made of rose syrup and milk.

My city’s style in one sentence:

Singapore’s style leans toward being comfortable and individual.