6 Beauty Bloggers To Follow This Season

To say my early teens were spent sifting through the folds of Vogue magazine and staying up to date with the hottest trends in makeup and beauty would be a lie. My makeup knowledge dates back to the days of sneaking down the hallway outside my bedroom to eavesdrop on my mom’s Mary Kay makeup gatherings. There, I second-handedly learned how to apply eye cream in inward circles toward my nose, use dark eyeshadow at the crease for a dramatic effect, and use paraffin wax treatments on my hands to keep them looking youthful and wrinkle-free. I know these tips weren’t as useful to my lifestyle at the age of seven, but hey, it was makeup. Why not seize the moment?

Even though I’ve taken those beauty tips and “perfected” my skills over the years, after seeing the talent at the 2013 NYX Cosmetics FACE Awards last weekend, I feel no shame in saying they’re nowhere near exceptional. The top six bloggers that showcased their talent proved to have a knack for not only doing makeup, but doing it incredibly well — much better than any at-home makeup mixers I crashed back in the day. And the kicker? Half of them haven’t even graduated high school yet.

So, to give our fans (that means you!) a little makeup inspiration, I’ve profiled these six video bloggers as the makeup gurus to follow this season. From giving you valuable tips on making your makeup last to showing off their vibrant personalities, these bloggers have some serious skills worth noting.