Hot Trend: Leather and Lace

Confession: When I hear the term “leather and lace” the first thing I think of is an old, run-down lingerie store that used to be right off the freeway near my hometown. The store window was filled with sad looking mannequins half-dressed in corsets and garters. Not exactly the height of high fashion. So I was a little wary when I first heard that leather and lace was the hot new fall fashion trend.

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Luckily, this new fashion trend is nothing like that lingerie store. Seen all over the runways, these two opposites — edgy leather and romantic lace — make a great combination. And while leather and lace look gorgeous together, the two trends are just as stylish on their own, too. So I’ve rounded up the best leather fashion, the best lace fashion, and then the best leather and lace looks.

This roundup is equal parts goody-goody and rocker rebel. So if you’ve steered clear of lace because you thought it was only for fussy girls, or you’ve avoided leather because you associated it with motorcycle-riding tough chicks, this leather and lace roundup strikes the perfect balance. There’s a little somethin’ for everybody here.

Go on and crank up “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and start clicking.