Project Runway Interview: Nick Verreos

To say “Project Runway” is my favorite TV show of all time wouldn’t be a stretch. I’ve been a faithful viewer since Season One, and over the years I’ve managed to convert many of my friends, family, and my boyfriend into devoted “Project Runway” fans. I even devised a betting game based on predictions of the high and low scores of each episode. Yup, you can definitely say I’m obsessed.

So when I had the chance to meet “Project Runway” alum Nick Verreos at the 2012 Battle of the Strands competition, I was beyond excited. Even better was the fact that he was every bit as well-dressed and hilarious as I remembered him. And by the time we finished talking, I was convinced — Nick Verreos and I need to be BFFs.

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Even though Verreos was on Season Two of “Project Runway,” he has remained involved with the show over the years. In fact, Verreos helps cast each season. And when he’s not making the rounds for “Project Runway,” Verreos designs for his own label NIKOLAKI, and serves as a teacher and official spokesperson for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM). Whew. Busy man.

If you’re as dedicated to “Project Runway” as me, you probably love the drama on “Project Runway All-Stars.” And what do you know? Verreos had a thing or two to say about that …

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