Project Runway Interview: Nick Verreos

The competition! The challenges! The winners! Nick dishes on everything "Project Runway"


Alexis: You’ve been a casting judge for “Project Runway” for a few years. How has the process changed?

Nick: It used to be that for two days, 16 hours each, you know, seeing everybody. Now, it’s only one day and it’s like, six hours so [the producers] sort of edit them out. Which is great, but what I miss? I miss the moms who would come in with their daughter’s cheerleading costume from 1982. You know?

A: That’s the best! How was the actual experience of being on the show?

N: It’s so funny; I remember it like it was yesterday. It was like seven years ago, but it was so wonderful being on it. I think it was more difficult afterward, when we stopped filming. I had to go home, and back in the day, we had to wait seven months before it aired. Those seven months, I couldn’t tell anybody, not even my mom and dad. The only person who knew was my partner and that was it. That was stomach churning for seven months. Let’s just say I took a lot of Mylanta and Tylenol PM for those seven months.