Project Runway Interview: Nick Verreos

Dealing with Criticism

(continued …)

N: It’s so funny because I remember the first thing [the producers] told us before we left the show was ‘When you go home, do not look at the blogs.’

A: Really?

N: Guess what I did?

A: You looked at the blogs!

N: Of COURSE! It’s like, you tell a 4-year-old not to go outside. What does the 4-year-old do? GO OUTSIDE. And thank goodness everybody was very nice. But you know, there were 10,000 nice things and then there was that one …

A: And that’s the worst.

N: To this day, I don’t remember the nice, I remember that one. It was about an actress who wore my dress on the red carpet. She was from “Desperate Housewives” and it was the SAG Awards. I was reading, you know, 500 great comments and then all of the sudden … ‘That dress looks like it needed to be steamed.’ And I’m sure they were 13, and you know … anonymous. Signed anonymous. I didn’t read the blogs after that. That was it.