Project Runway Interview: Nick Verreos

Playing Favorites

A: What has been your favorite challenge, either from your season or from seasons going forward?

N: I love to see the avant garde challenge for sure, and the unconventional challenge. I still remember the coffee filter dress [from Season Five]. I thought that was great.

A: Who has been your favorite winner of “Project Runway”? Or, who do you think has been robbed of the win?

N: That’s a good one!

A: Did you see last season [Season 10]?

N: Of course.

A: What did you think?

N: Can I tell you something? I was there. I got to see them live. I sat next to Jay McCarroll, the winner of Season One, and Chloe Dao, the winner of my season, Season Two. We sat together and we were dishin’. Let me tell you, our favorite was Fabio [Costa].

A: I loved Fabio!

N: Everybody walking out of the show was like, ‘it’s Fabio, it’s Fabio, it’s Fabio.’ I still believe that he was better — and not just better. I would say more cohesive. And the fact that he used color. It was for the spring/summer season!