Project Runway Interview: Nick Verreos

All-Stars Spill

A: That’s what I thought! All the other collections looked so sad and dark.

N: Dark and sad, thank you. I thought Dmitry’s [Sholokhov] was well made. Just impeccable …

A: But you know what the judges always say? ‘It’s not “Project Seamstress” … ‘

N: That’s right! You’re right. It is so true.

A: So you thought Fabio definitely should have won?

N: Yes, he was my favorite. But of all time, I think Mondo [Guerra, Season Eight] was robbed. But then he got redemption in “Project Runway All-Stars,” so I thought that was great.

A: So, who do you think is going to win this year’s “All-Stars”?

N: I think that there might be somebody that you might not expect …

A: Really? Do you know something?


[Both squeal]

N: I think I just gave you some dish!