How to Wear a Little Black Dress

In 1926, “Vogue” declared that the little black dress is the “uniform for all women of taste.” Since then everyone from Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to Lauren Conrad and Lady Gaga have proved the fashion mag right. Of course, each of those women are as different as can be, so it makes sense that their LBDs are as varied as their personalities — but that’s the genius behind the little black dress.

Let’s start with the LBD itself. You could go micro-mini or knee-length, full-skirt or curve hugging, or get one in lace, silk, or taffeta. There are millions of options when it comes to shape and style of your little black dress. And just when you think you’ve seen every type of LBD, designers continue to reinvent this wardrobe classic.

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But even after you’ve chosen your little black dress, there are still the accessories. Shoes, jewelry, handbag, jacket, tights — these all play a part in the overall look of your LBD, not to mention hair and makeup. Consider your LBD a blank canvas, and all of these add-ons the paint. Together, they create a look that’s uniquely yours.

To show you all the different ways to wear your little black dress, our editors each created their own LBD fashion-inspired board, and the styles are as diverse as the women who put them together. Click below to see all the different ways to wear your LBD.