How to Wear a Little Black Dress

There's never one way to wear a wardrobe staple. See all the different looks you can create with a trusty little black dress

dive bar lbd

Casual Bar Hop

Alexis Finc, Associate Editor

Where are you going in your LBD? This is a really low-key look, perfect for your favorite dive bar on a Friday night.

Why do you love this LBD? I love things that are relaxed and comfortable, but still flattering, like this tank dress. It also reminds me of the ’90s, in a “My So-Called Life” way.

How did you accessorize your look? With such a basic dress, you can add tons of layers. All the accessories were meant to be cozy. And I love a big statement necklace, especially if it has purple in it.

What type of hair and makeup complete this look? A beanie with some tousled hair is a classic look — and one I know too well. But I didn’t want to make it too grungy, so I added a sharp cat eye.