Gift Ideas for Our Fave Celebs

OK, so maybe we're not actually BFFs with Taylor Swift (or any of these celebs), but here's what we'd buy for 'em if we were

Nicki Minaj

We all have a crazy, fun friend like Nicki Minaj. She’s that girl who is always wearing something completely outrageous, but somehow pulls it off. So for the holidays, we’d definitely buy her a wig care kit for all those rainbow-colored wigs she owns. And we think she’d love some fun accessories like a lip-shaped purse or a rhinestone-studded microphone pin. And while we’d never buy a studded pleather bustier for ourselves, we know it’s totally Nicki’s style. Check out the rest of our list for Nicki:

&#8226 Wig Care Kit, $32

&#8226 Rhinestone Microphone Pin, $15

&#8226 Red Lips Clutch, $20

&#8226 Comb-In Hair Color, $6

&#8226 Sally Hansen Leopard Nail Strips, $6

&#8226 Purple Faux Fur Earmuffs, $88

&#8226 Studded Bustier Top, $68