Gift Ideas for Our Fave Celebs

OK, so maybe we're not actually BFFs with Taylor Swift (or any of these celebs), but here's what we'd buy for 'em if we were

Ryan Gosling

Hear that? It’s the collective sound of our hearts beating. Ah, Ryan Gosling. Swoon. The very first thing we’d buy Ryan is a fancy vanity mirror so he can stare at his perfectly-chiseled features all day long. And of course we’d have to get him a tank top to show off his muscles. It would be a shame to cover them up in long sleeves. And since he’s in a band (Dead Man’s Bones), these guitar novelty matches are the perfect stocking stuffer. Check out the rest of our list for Ryan:

&#8226 Vanity Mirror, $18

&#8226 Striped Tank Top, $14

&#8226 Black Wayfarer Shades, $21

&#8226 Jack Black Lip Balm Quad, $25

&#8226 YSL L’Homme Cologne, $45

&#8226 Dr. Galen Herbal Skin Tonic, $12

&#8226 Guitar Matchbook, $7