6 Best Fashion Instagrams

It’s hard to imagine a time when Instagram didn’t exist. How did we ever get along without sharing our riveting pictures of delicious sandwiches or beach sunsets?

OK, let’s be real here … it’s easy to go overboard on Instagram and start posting pictures detailing every minute of our lives (this is a cupcake I’m about to eat!), but here at Beauty Riot we will never get tired of sifting through amazing fashion images. That stuff can keep us entertained for hours.

Click here to see our picks for the best fashion Instagram accounts.

And yes, there’s a crazy amount of fashion-themed Instagrams out there, so we slimmed it down and came up with our top six favorite Instagram accounts to follow if you’re a fashion addict. We’ve got accounts from fashion brands, bloggers, and models — basically these Instagrams are the coolest to follow if you want to perk up your day with some awesome fashion eye candy.

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