Do You Steal Your Boyfriend’s Style?

Remember when Jessica Simpson dated John Mayer in 2006 (of course you do — he infamously called her “sexual napalm!”). Back then, she dropped her blonde bombshell ways and went brunette. She even wore overalls. Overalls! Later she said “I thought that I had to be deeper, more profound, and more artsy.”

And who could forget the great matching celebrity couple that was Bennifer? Jennifer Lopez buffed and polished Ben Affleck into high-fashion man candy. So long, scruff!

Then there are the stars that straight up wear their boyfriend’s clothes. Two words: Kristen Stewart. Even during their brief breakup, the “Twilight” actress was spotted in Robert Pattinson’s Yankees cap and vintage Tees.

Stealing aspects your spouse’s style is normal. When you spend so much time around anyone, his or her tastes (in music, food, and yes, even fashion) are bound to rub off on you. However, it seems like some celebrity couples go far beyond simple coordination and merge into one identity. Cute or crazy? You be the judge.