How to Shop at Forever 21 Like a Pro

Sometimes Forever 21 can feel more like a lawless jungle than a discount fashion store. Take a deep breath and follow these tips for how to shop Forever 21 like a professional stylist

forever 21 sale

Shop Sales at the Very End

If you head to the sale section at the beginning, you’ll burn out real quick. But if you’ve reached the end of your shopping trip and you’re still breathing easy with some time to spare, Sanders suggests braving the sale racks.

“Sale items always deserve a look,” says Sanders. “It’s a great way to load up on basics, like tanks, tees, or leggings at ultra-discounted prices.”

Still, as you pile clearance stuff into your shopping bag, remember that even though Forever 21 has insanely awesome deals, prices add up. “No matter how inexpensive something is, the number one rule for shopping is to only buy pieces you absolutely love,” says Sanders.