Off-the-Grid Vacay Style Guide

OK, so since the invention of the Internet, and, you know, maps, no place is truly “off the grid.” But there are plenty of travel spots that haven’t been done to death and aren’t filled with a million sunburned and be-fannypacked tourists. The kind of places that when you tell people about they’re like “woah … you’re going where?!”

To help you garner that shock and awe for your next vacation, I’ve pulled together five travel destinations that aren’t totally obvious to most — but are a lot of fun and most definitely worth the trip. And to help you out even more (what can I say, I’m a giver), I’ve also put together the perfect outfit for each locale.

Click here to see my off-the-grid travel guide.

There’s a little bit of everything here, from local spots perfect for a quick day trip (depending on where you live obviously), to far flung destinations that admittedly will require a little more time and cash. And whether your idea of a vacation is sitting on the beach, umbrella-ed cocktail in hand, hiking the day away in some gorgeous scenery, or absorbing the local culture and picking up a souvenir or 20, there’s a place on this list for you.

Ready to see where you should take your next vacay — and what you should pack? Just keep clicking.