Your Holiday Vacay Style Guide

Growing up, did you ever play “the globe game”? You know, where you close your eyes, spin a globe, and wherever your finger lands is where you’ll go next. As a kid, it was just a fun game, but now that you’ve saved up some extra money from that nanny job or retail gig, you can finally cash in your travel fund.

And what better time to take a trip than the holidays? But once you’ve saved up and booked your tickets, there’s still one more dreaded step before you can mentally check out and go into vacation mode: packing. Nothing sucks the excitement out of travel plans like a giant, empty suitcase staring at you ominously.

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So, to make this whole packing process a lot less stressful, we’ve come up with the ultimate holiday vacation style guide for wherever in the world you’ll be. Whether you’re renting a beachside bungalow with a bunch of friends or plan on a “staycation” where all you’ll do is watch a marathon of “Top Chef” while eating Chinese takeout, we’ve come up with the beauty products and wardrobe essentials you’ll need for your winter break.

Consider our guide the perfect shortcut to packing for vacation.