THE Best Clothes for Blondes

Of course blondes (natural or, ehm, otherwise) have more fun. With your sunny head of hair comes more confidence, more sexiness and definitely more attention.

But did you know you could be jeopardizing your ultimate hotness by wearing the wrong colored clothes with your blonde hairstyle? Put on a shirt in the wrong shade and you’re likely to be more blonde bummer than bombshell — no one wants that (well, except for those pesky brunettes).

So what clothing colors and styles work best for blondes? We asked Los Angeles color expert Jill Kirsh — who has helped some of Hollywood’s young starlets (she doesn’t color match and tell when it comes to celebrity clients, super lame but we’ll let it slide) ID the best makeup and clothing colors for their hair hue. She says it depends on the tone of blonde you’re talking about. No one-size-fits-all advice (or clothes for that matter) for us.

Blonde hair can either be classified as cool (think platinum, beige, and ash) or warm (honey, golden and champagne) and the main goal is to match your hair’s hue to the colors of your clothes (so take a mo’ and figure out which one sounds like your hair). But, it’s not like she’s saying you just wear yellow clothes all the time, (can you say “boring”?) it’s a little more complicated than that. Read on for Kirsh’s advice on how it’s done, and check out how these blonde celebs in their popular hairstyles dressed to impress (or not): Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Christina Aguilera, Diane Kruger and Drew Barrymore.

Image: PR Photos