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  • 2013 Hair Color Trends

    2013 Hair Color Trends

    Ombré? So 2012. We're counting down the hair color trends you're about to see everywhere

  • 9 Best Beachy Hairstyles

    9 Best Beachy Hairstyles

    Summer has arrived ... Is your hair beach-ready? Whether you're costal or landlocked, we've found the very best beachy hairstyles

  • Best Braiding Tutorials We Love

    Best Braiding Tutorials We Love

    Learn how to do a waterfall braid, a fishtail braid, and even a five-strand braid with these easy-to-follow videos

  • Hunger Games Sneak Preview

    Hunger Games Sneak Preview

    No, we didn't get to watch the film, but we did get to see the unbelievable wigs from the film and get tons of backstage details

  • Get Jennifer Aniston’s Look for Less

    Get Jennifer Aniston’s Look for Less

    It costs a lot of money to look like Jennifer Aniston. Watch as we break down the cost, and give you cheaper options to achieve her classic style. We promise, it can be done

  • Best Fashion Week Hair and Makeup

    Best Fashion Week Hair and Makeup

    These looks from Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week are supposed to be for spring 2012, but they're so cool, we're trying them now -- as should you

  • Graduation Hair and Makeup

    Graduation Hair and Makeup

    You'll be sure to find the perfect hair and makeup combo for your big day in our gallery of gorgeous looks

  • New Ways to Wear Wavy Hair

    New Ways to Wear Wavy Hair

    Tired of having "can't do anything with them" waves? Bet you never realized how versatile your wavy hair could be

  • Risk-Taking Hair: LA Edition

    Risk-Taking Hair: LA Edition

    Nope, these pictures weren't taken on a movie set. But they were taken in Hollywood. I hit the streets of Los Angeles to find 15 women with the edgiest hairstyles you've ever seen in real life

  • The Sexiest Layered Hairstyles

    The Sexiest Layered Hairstyles

    These 15 celebrities have one thing in common (and it'll totally transform your hair, too)

  • Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

    Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

    Make your hair appointment now. These 30 gorgeously different bobs will have you heading straight to the salon for a new look

  • Best Date Night Hairstyles

    Best Date Night Hairstyles

    Whatever the occasion, you'll want to "wow" your special date with one of these gorgeous hairstyles

  • Celebrity Hair Color Addicts

    Celebrity Hair Color Addicts

    They change their hair color like the seasons, but which one looks best on each celeb? Take a look and weigh in here

  • Best New Hairstyles for Fall

    Best New Hairstyles for Fall

    From the latest hair color to new haircuts and styles, see what you should try next

  • The 10 Most Popular Hairstyles

    The 10 Most Popular Hairstyles

    Do you worship one of these cuts? Don't be surprised if you've had one -- or a few -- before

  • Makeup for Your Hair Color

    Makeup for Your Hair Color

    We've got the best expert makeup tips to sexify every shade of red, brown and blonde hair you can think of

  • Julia Roberts’ Best Looks

    Julia Roberts’ Best Looks

    From brown to blonde to red and back, see how the actress wows us with her different hairstyles

  • 10 New, Non-Boring Ponytails

    10 New, Non-Boring Ponytails

    Ditch that same, everyday ponytail (boring) and try one of these newer, not-so-dull versions

  • June Trend: Ballerina Bun

    June Trend: Ballerina Bun

    This easy and versatile look is bound to be the hottest hair trend this summer

  • Heidi Klum’s Best Hairstyles

    Heidi Klum’s Best Hairstyles

    She decides what's in and out on "Project Runway," but now it's our turn to choose her hottest looks

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